[nafex] Niwot Black Raspberry hardiness and disease resistance

Pete Tallman pete_tallman at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 11 04:50:27 EDT 2016

In response to a few question on hardiness and disease resistance. 

Niwot hardiness is rated as zone 5, and there are some reports (including mine and local growers) that Niwot is slightly more hardy than Jewel black raspberry. The problem with going to zone 4 or lower is that the primocane crop could have trouble ripening in the shorter season. Jim Fruth reported hardiness to zone 3, but if you are there, you should consider his Pequot instead.  Berries ripening in the cooler fall weather won't have so much sweetness. As an experiment, you might want to try eliminating the floricanes to move the primocane crop earlier. For Canadian growers,  In spring 2016, Niwot was offered by Strawberry Tyme Farm and Wiffletree Farm and Nursery, both in Ontario. Check with them for 2017.

There has been scant information on the Niwot disease resistance. There were a few anecdotal reports as being better than Jewel, but nothing I want to claim about this. 

Pete Tallman
Louisville, CO     zone 5 or so

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