[nafex] My poor young quince---more options

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sun May 22 17:44:51 EDT 2016

I agree the flesh can be an acquired taste; some of my kids like them and
some don't, same as my market customers.  But the steam extracted juice is
our favorite, and is most preferred by some chefs as well.

And yes, I have tried some fruits that weren't our favorites, so we're not
doing those now.

While traveling to Charlotte this AM, I drove some secondary roads, looking
for quince and other items of interest.  Saw some large quince bushes (one
huge one!) that I may check back on this fall.

If something jogs your memory, would be helpful to know which cultivar of
Chaenomeles for you was resistant to rust.

And also, if you observe any this fall with healthy fruit in your area
(rust free), would be worth noting.  I tend to drive around in the spring
when they are in full bloom trying to take note of locations.

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