[nafex] uh....my grafts...

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I have had that happen a lot of times.  I try not to collect scionwood that 
have fruit buds on them but if it does it will bloom and then produce the 
vegetative growth.  It just takes energy to do that but as soon as the 
flowers or fruit forms you can pinch or cut it off.  Just be careful that 
you don't pull hard enough and pull the bud off or damage it.  The Jonagold 
apple is notorious for that.
Western Washington

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So I have a new one.  For whatever reason, this year, a number of the buds 
on my grafts produced flowers. Since I did a lot of single bud grafting am I 
out of luck or can they produce vegetative growth?  remmeber I am concerned 
about the single bud ones.

Sign me a rather puzzled rabbit.


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