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Sam - thanks for asking. I am in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (between Lexington and Staunton), zone 6.


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Paul, where are the trees growing (city and state)?

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Any advice or ideas appreciated.

We have two English walnut trees, about 80-90 yrs old.  When we moved into our house about ten yrs ago, they looked to be in pretty good shape, but are clearly suffering now.  Much of the smaller top wood is dead - very little growth from terminal buds, but they are pushing out new buds from lower down on the limbs.  They seemed pretty sick last year, too.  Both springs have been perhaps a little cooler and wetter than normal, and we see a fair amount of leaf disease (fungal?) later in the season, though new growth right now looks good, just rather sparse.  In addition to the small limbs and twigs appearing dead, there are a few larger limbs dead on both

We had work done on them two summers ago, in response to significant limb damage from a late spring heavy snow storm.  They removed some of the top wood and dead wood, and fertilized (a product injected into the soil).

We did have a fairly late freeze this year, but this is something we have lived through before, and the current pattern of foliage growth just looks different

I also see mushrooms / fungal growth at some of the broken or cut limb spots during the year.


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