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Thanks for the info.

Being in mid-continental Zone 4, I have been discouraged when reading about jujubes.

But our growing season does not seem too much different than that being described in the New Mexico mountains.

Does the fruit grow in mid-continental Asia?


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 Hidden Springs Nursery sells Norris #1, which is from the
 Norris Dam
 planting in East TN.  A small, tooth-shaped form, very
 sweet, very heavy
 bearing in the S. Appalachians.  Tolerant of hot, dry
 conditions (for us),
 intolerant of afternoon shade.
 See this link:
 Note from the picture at the link, the fruit in that bowl is
 of the "Li" or
 "Lang" shape, how many of them are not brown, or just a
 bit.  In parts of
 India and Vietnam, this is how the fruit is preferred, as
 I've been told.
 Whereas during my time in Korea, and talking with Chinese
 coworkers, the
 fully brown-shriveled form is most commonly consumed. 
 Again, if faced with
 a hard freeze, the fruit can be picked and enjoyed at this
 'green' stage,
 where the color has just started to turn.
 P.S.  Remember there are books with info, such as an
 "Uncommon Fruits"
 chapter by Lee Reich on jujubes, and a book by Roger Meyer
 and ? Ashton
 devoted to jujubes.  Undoubtedly there are other
 sources of info on US
 culture of jujubes.  Don't give up on these, if you
 happen to have a
 cultivar which blooms but does not set fruit for you...
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