[nafex] Jujube

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 00:04:05 EST 2016

The recommendation I received was to plant trees known to fruit in a
climate similar to your own, particularly during times of pollen shedding.

There are many jujube cultivars from various parts of the far east, which
have had many long years to adapt to microclimates within their native

The majority of my trees are from the Norris Dam planting several counties
west of me, where about 50 cultivars were planted about 70 years ago, and I
have rooted suckers from the survivors with good quality fruit.

We get thousands of fruit per tree per year from the above.  Compared to
dozens per tree from Li or Lang, in a good year for them.  All planted in
the same row.  I can't explain why, other than to repeat what I've heard
(and now observed), that certain jujubes fruit MUCH better in some places
than others.

If someone is aware of certain cultivars which fruit heavily and regularly
in a wide variety of settings throughout the US, including arid and humid,
please chime in.


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