[nafex] Care of D. kaki seedlings

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Sun Dec 11 12:05:16 EST 2016

So, my last attempt to keep the kaki/hybrid seedlings safe was to bury 
the tree pots vertically in a previously established raised garden bed 
that had been covered with a horse manure and pine shavings mixture, 
then mulched with spoiled hay last September.

During burial, I pulled the hay away from the area, but finished by 
pushing the manure mixture to the outside edge of the fully buried pots 
(voles have seemed to like the hay, but not the manure mixture). I 
mulched the top of the pots with coarse, clean gravel and enclosed the 
top of the pots and the gravel with a ring of 6 inch high hardware 
cloth. I think I will sprinkle some mole max around the area.

Wish me luck.


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