[nafex] Old strains of Y. Delicious

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 05:13:40 EDT 2016

"I am very curious to know how you feel Ambrosia stacks up to your older
Golden Delicious strains and also where you would put Razor Russet and
Grimes Golden."

I don't have much to answer this question as I've never eaten Ambrosia,
Razor Russet or Grimes Golden, although I grow Grimes Golden as a nursery
tree- it is clearly not terribly precocious.  I'm not even especially a fan
of old strain Yellow Delicious, although I consider it to be a very good
apple- just not one I reach for.  Goldrush pretty much fills that slot in
later winter when it mellows into a crunchier and more highly flavored
Yellow Delicious type.  But I like it as much when it is tarter earlier in
the season.

My favorite old time apple last season was Esopus Spitzenberg from a site
where it got up to 21 brix.  Obviously, I'm inclined to apples that have
some acid to go with its sugar.   My palate is jaded.

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