[nafex] Pawpaw question and observation

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I'd had 100% success of planting grafted pawpaws until I tried at my most recent site.  At this site, I've had 100% failure, though understocks do great.  The most annoying failure was a Shennandoah tree that grew well above the graft for two years, then croaked this Spring.

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>On 8/19/2015 8:56 AM, Louis Pittman wrote:
>> My experience has been similar to mIEKAL's - container-grown pawpaws that I
>> grafted and transplanted a year or so later, often grew for a year or two,
>> then the graft 'woke up dead' after winter, and the understock re-grew.
>> Now... in-groung established seedlings that were topworked to named
>> selections... no decline or death of the grafted variety.
>> But, again, it may be that if I did more than chunk 'em in the ground and
>> walk away, they might have fared better.
>Thanks for your input, I would like to hear if others have had the same 
>experience. It is quite common for a grafted tree to abort the graft the 
>year of planting if it comes under stress. I've not heard reports of 
>this following survival of the 1st year. This may be problematic with 
>pawpaws and may be involved with the pawpaws dislike for being 
>In thinking about personal experience. I've only planted 3 grafted 
>potted pawpaws and none of them survived the past 2 years. One that did 
>survive after the graft failed died the 3rd year. But my experience with 
>only 3 instances isn't enough to draw a conclusion. I believe it was 
>partially my fault as I may not have cared for them sufficiently. We 
>need to hear from more planters of grafted potted pawpaws.
>About 5 years ago I planted 33 pawpaw seedlings from the IDNR nursery.  
>I also have a wild population and took the tractor back and brought in 
>dirt from those root systems in an attempt to bring in the Mycorrhizae 
>fungi specific to a Asimina and back filled the holes of every other one 
>with this soil. I do have a water wagon that I can hall 200 gallons at a 
>time and spray onto the ground, simulating rain. I had also applied 
>pelletized sulfur to the ground and tilled in before planting. They were 
>planted in well dug holes, not chunked in. (Lucky, not trying to put 
>your method down as it's difficult not to do much else when planting 
>potted pawpaws.)  After planting when active growth had begun which is 
>when I normally graft trees I grafted all of them using the Omega or 
>saddle graft. Of the 33, none of the grafts survived past the 1st year 
>and only 3 of the under stock survived. It's hell a be a total failure, 
>and after all that work of planting those 33!
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