[nafex] New Pear Variety for Self Sufficiency

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 28 11:09:44 EDT 2015

Cool, I sent an email indicating my interest. From the description, it reminds me of Goldrush apple, which is so inedibly hard and sour in fall, even insects and squirrels won't eat it. After mellowing in storage for months, it's finally delicious in spring, with a good sweet/tart balance and lots of aromatic flavor. Am I right in thinking this pear is similar?

If the tree is so vigorous, it must require a lot of pruning. I'd be concerned that a dwarfing rootstock might not be sufficient to anchor it properly if it's allowed to grow too big. I've requested mine on standard rootstock. I don't mind a big tree. Although I can imagine others would want it on the most dwarfing rootstock possible, to try to keep its vigor in bounds. 

I'd be curious to plant seeds from this tree. To me, pears tend to err on the side of blandness. I'd like to taste a pear with a classic dessert pear texture but a bit more oomph in taste. If this pear has been pollinated by more classic dessert pears, the seedlings may be interesting. 

I passed your post along to the NAFEX Facebook group. I wanted to also put it in the Gardenweb Fruit and Orchards forum, but it was too long. You could edit it down and post it there. 


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