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Thanks for all your replies. It was much more than I expected.
GL is one of my favorites of the dozen or so we have planted. There is a slight gelatinous texture that is appealing when compared to many of the softer or near pastie varieties. It lacks the vibrant orange color of some but is very fine tasting and sweet.

> On Oct 9, 2015, at 8:50 AM, Jerry Lehman <jwlehmantree at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/8/2015 9:09 PM, mark wessel wrote:
>> Does anyone know the true parentage of "Geneva Long”. I have read what is easily googled. Some say virginiana x kaki.
> Hello Mark,
> I have Geneva Long here as well as Geneva red. It is my considered opinion that Geneva Long is not a hybrid, unless it is an offspring of Rosseyanka. That conical shape is somewhat common in kaki and is also common in virginiana.
> Prior to the importation of Rosseyanka in 1992 several breeders in the US attempted hybridizing the 2 species, kaki and the 90 chromosome virginiana. All attempts were unsuccessful. This included Luther Burbank which is reported in the Luther Burbank encyclopedia. In it he states all his attempts to hybridize the 2 species failed. The encyclopedia gave no details as to which varieties or how many of the 2 were used in his attempts. Rosseyanka to the best of my knowledge was the 1st interspecies hybrid and was accomplished by Dr. Pasenkov (sp?) at the Nikita Botanical Gardens in Crimea using embryo rescue and was the only one that survived out of 22 rescue attempts, it was originally named Rosseyanka 18. But since that time the blockage that prevented previous attempts is broken down and all of her offspring can be back bred relatively easily to both species. This along with closely looking at the leaves leads me to strongly believe Geneva Long is not a hybrid, rather pure virginiana. The same holds true for Prok which some believe is a interspecies hybrid.
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