[nafex] Late Rooted Fig Cuttings

Peter Chrisbacher pxbacher at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 14:41:39 EST 2015

Greetings All -

Late this summer I stumbled across a couple of new-to-me fig trees from
which I was able to take cuttings.  Most are now rooted in 50/50
perlite/vermiculite.  I'm wondering what the best way to get them through
winter is.  I've brought them inside and have them sitting beside a sunny
south-facing window at the moment.  Most still have their "nursery" leaf
still attached (on one cutting the leaf has fallen off, but it appears
fairly well-rooted).

I'm inclined to leave them as is with leaves, keep them moist, and see what
happens over winter.


Pete Chrisbacher
Wilmington DE (6b)

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