[nafex] Pakistan mulberry

Devin Smith dvidedevo at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 21:08:45 EDT 2015

I have been thinking about trialing Pakistan mulberry here in Vermont. I understand that it is a real long shot, but given the fact that much of the limitation seems to revolve around 'low chill' requirment, it might just work. Hardiness-wise, I understand Atlanta area saw sub-zero temps. for a couple of nights this past winter. Did those of you in the south who are growing Pakistan experience severe dieback this winter? I'm thinking that our winter weather is consistent enough that the trees would stay dormant, and then I could 1. grow them on the own roots so they can resprout if need be and 2. plant in a protected spot with some extra protection as people do with figs. They sure are delicious, so I think its worth a shot. 

I also noticed perusing the GRIN database that several other similar selections are available, listed as Morus macroura or 'himalayan mulberry.' One in particular DMOR 9  looks similar to 'pakistan', though a bit scrawnier, and the description seems to suggest zone 5 hardiness, though on second look I noticed this is merely a snippet from a seed savers exchange write-up about the species. Anyone know anything about hardy higher-chill macroura selections that might be a good stand in for 

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