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> That may be true as long as not many people are using it.  If lots of
> farms start using it, I expect they'll start digging specifically for that
> purpose.

On the quarry site they have one or more giant rock crushers, to turn big
chunks of rock into successively smaller chunks. In the grinding process
dust is generated
which is washed into the siltation ponds with water pumped from the
siltation ponds. The objective is to create crushed rock not generate dust
which is a byproduct of the crushing process only. It costs them money to
manage it and that is why they usually give it away.

> None of the sales materials I've seen said "test your soil first and check
> whether our quarry is a good fit." I'm relieved to hear that at least some
> of the proponents are doing it that way.

Most quarries are not the least concerned with agricultural uses of this
material. Only one I know of has farmers coming to haul it off. That is a
granite quarry. I have a pile of their dust on my land. The benefits of
land application of the right dust are immeasurable. To see is to believe.

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