[nafex] Dwarf Geraldi Mulberry

Ro Qu richardqhansen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 11:47:30 EDT 2015

I tried to root hardwood cuttings of Geraldi and they rooted but never
leafed out and eventually died. I would like to know how this turns out for

I also have the Dwarf Issai mulberry which is only a foot tall (on its own
roots) and is loaded with fruit.  I may have a very limited amount
of budwood available if anyone is interested. It is supposed to be hardy to
zone 5 but I have never tried to verify this since it is so easy to grow in
a pot.  It is supposedly a dwarf Morus alba and I got my original plant
from Logees.

Richard Hansen
Zone 4b

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Lester Davis <lhdavis8 at knology.net> wrote:

> Geraldi mulberry stays dwarf when grafted on other rootstock.  Mine is not
> over 7 feet tall and diameter about the same and is over 15 years.  It is
> dwarfed because of the short distance
> between the nodes.  Since the nodes are so close  and the fruit normal
> size it appears more heavy loaded than any other mulberry.  I have taken
> softwood cuttings this spring and trying
> to root, have had no success with cuttings taken winter pruning.
> Lester H. Davis

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