[nafex] Grafting pawpaw- any experience to share?

Deannie Hughes davidndeannie at nctc.com
Fri Jan 30 08:11:13 EST 2015


Pawpaws graft pretty easily. I have used several methods and get similar 
results. Chip budding is the most efficient use of budwood. Whip and tongue 
works well. Currently I am using a modified side graft that gets very good 
cambium contact, even when scion wood is much smaller than the rootstock.
David Hughes Middle TN
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> Hi folks,
> I am planning to graft varietal wood onto my relocated root suckered 
> pawpaw 'trees'.  They appear to be doing well 9 months after their move as 
> we have been blessed with a wet year.
> My research suggests that chip budding is the preferred grafting method 
> and to do so just as the trees' buds start to swell.
> If anyone has experience with this and has a different recommendation, I 
> would love to learn about it.
> Thanks,
> Betsy Hilborn
> 7a, NC
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