[nafex] It's Murph..... anyone remember me?

Richard murphman108 at msn.com
Wed Aug 19 21:16:20 EDT 2015

It's family reunion time!How is everyone?

Somehow, I managed to fall (thrown overboard?) off the mailing list. Feels great to be back.I have been extremely busy, grafting cool apples on M7, and raising my aronia crop. 
It would be cool, however, if I could receive this list as 'one clump' every other day or so, like I used to get.Somebody please advise.....
Is Jim Fruth out there?I need a recipe for aronia syrup to sell in MA.
I attended the funeral of the great Francis Fenton of Mercer, Maine. We used to visit once in a while.....2 months shy of 100 years old.Nice speech by John Bunker.

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