[nafex] Cornus mas grafting

Alexander Dragotin a_dragotin at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 24 07:35:13 EDT 2015

Hi Devin,grafting cornus mas I had nearly total yieldwith Chip-Budding in summer. The grafting in the late winter or spring isattended with troubles because the scion buds awake early. To keep the scionbuds dormant you should cut the scion wood enough early and store it wrapped inlight moist paper and put in a bag at about 23 degree F or -5 Degree C. Wishing luck and joyAlex
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 Betreff: [nafex] Cornus mas grafting

| I was given some scions of Cornelian Cherry varieties 'elegant' and 'pioneer'. I was hoping to graft them, but my scion source says dormant grafts never work for him, though summer budding is highly reliable. Have any of you had success dormant grafting this species, and if so, what pointers do you have?Thanks |

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