[nafex] permaculture in viticulture

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Tue Apr 21 15:46:10 EDT 2015

I have several sets of grapes on high wire, red currants beneath (not
trained to espalier tho) and then surrounded by daffodils and yuccas..  The
grapes are 5' or higher, so it works well.

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 8:02 AM, Devin Smith via nafex <
nafex at lists.ibiblio.org> wrote:

> I have my grapes trained to a two arm spur system and planted on 8 ft.
> centers. The grapes are planted between the posts, and at every grape and
> every post I am training a red currant up to be espaliered at about 5 ft.
> Underneath I have black currants spaced every 4 ft. but staggered. My
> ground-cover layer is wild strawberry. Not a large-scale system by any
> means- I have 9 grapes.
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