[nafex] kiwi grafting

Devin Smith dvidedevo at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 14:53:05 EDT 2015

I spoke with a friend and veteran grafter of difficult genera about grafting kiwis recently. He suggested that the excessive bleeding is probably related to the large hollow pith, and recommended side veneer grafting as a good workaround. I'm not sure I agree with his assessment (it seems to me that the sap would be carried by the xylem, so I can't see how the pith could be at all related), but I can see that the pith might tend to cause its own problems. I did try a few side veneer grafts this morning and they didn't seem to bleed much. I also pruned several shoots near the graft site that were lower and closer to the roots to help relieve some of the sap pressure on the graft union. All together, it does seem to have helped a lot with the bleeding. 

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