[nafex] Azera insecticide and pears

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 19 09:30:17 EDT 2015

I will do so, Rivka.  I took some time to document the damage yesterday.

The promised list of pears:
Severely affected (100% leaf death):
Blake's Pride
US-Michigan 437
Dana Hovey
Several Potomac seedlings

Completely resistant:
Belle Angevine
Beurre Superfin
Immamura Aki
Lucy Duke
Miss Label
Old Home X Farmingdale 51
Pyrus calleryana
Tsu Li
unnamed local pear imported from China in the 1800's

Intermediate susceptibility:
Ayers (probably fully susceptible and some of the trees didn't get full coverage)

Zone 8; North Carolina Piedmont

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>Maybe you've already done this, but if not: I'd immediately contact both your local Extension office (and any state agency they refer you to) and the manufacturer of the Azera. I would also take samples, and try to get Extension to do so also. I don't know whether the material sold to you may have been contaminated with something.
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>On Apr 18, 2015, at 12:50 PM, Anton Callaway wrote:
>> Dear fellow pear growers,
>> I just wanted to warn other readers on this group about Azera insecticide from MGK.  It is an OMRI-approved insecticide that's basically a mixture of azadirachtin (the main active ingredient in neem oil) & pyrethrins.  I sprayed a mixture of Azera and Serenade at the recommended rates on my orchard on Sunday and by Tuesday, several cultivars of pear with European heritage (P. communis) were completely black.  The damage is not fireblight.  The symptoms are quite different and it is hitting certain blight-resistant cultivars while blight-susceptible cultivars right next to them are unaffected.  I will compile a complete list this weekend, but I wanted to send a note quickly so that others can avoid the damage that I experienced.
>> I think the trees will survive, but I'll get no fruit from them.
>> I've been orcharding in the Southeastern U.S. since 1979 and have never seen anything like it.  I've sprayed this same orchard with neem oil and pyrethrins (separately) and neem oil & Serenade together for several years in the past with no ill effects.  Other species were not affected at all.  I have one tree with 6 cultivars grafted in it.  One pure communis cultivar has all of its leaves killed and another communis X pyrifolia cultivar has slight damage while the other 4, including one pure pyrifolia ('Koyama') are completely fine.
>> 'Potomac' and 'Blake's Pride' are severely affected.
>> Anton
>> Zone 8; The North Carolina Piedmont

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