[nafex] Sweet / Pie Cherry on Choke Cherry?

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Sat Apr 18 21:59:39 EDT 2015

I played around with this maybe 15 years ago, my results were similar to Jerry's.  A few scions sort of took, but just sat there.

However I did have much more success using Nanking Cherry (which is more plum compatible then cherry compatible) as an interstem on some branches (double working them).   When I double worked them I actually got growth on the scion wood and they developed flowers one year.  Unfortunately I was doing this in a field near my home and it was bulldozed for development so I never got to actually see if they fruited.  

If you want to try the experiment, let me know and I will go prune my nanking cherry very hard so it would push suitable wood for grafting next year.

Good luck.

the fluffy bunny

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Thank you Jerry - this cherry definitely isn't a black cherry. I raised
Cecropia caterpillars on it last year so I am sure of that (they love black
cherry, as do I as its leaves hold up well when jar-feeding newly hatched
caterpillars). This tree's leaves are less rugged than black cherry, but I
really hadn't ever bothered to figure out exactly what kind of cherry it
was until now.

Yesterday with the tree in full bloom, I took a close look, and the flowers
were all coming directly off the branches, rather than in a "bunch" like on
black or choke cherry. I'm now thinking this might actually be a pin cherry
or similar, as I don't know for sure that it's a native.

Bottom line is the grafting was really just for fun/experiment so I'm
hopeful but won't be heartbroken if I don't get any takes, and if I do,
great (plus I have lots more room for more grafting).

Thanks much for sharing your experience.


Pete Chrisbacher
Wilmington DE
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