[nafex] Sweet / Pie Cherry on Choke Cherry?

Jerry Lehman jwlehman at aol.com
Fri Apr 17 07:27:23 EDT 2015

Hello Chris,

I certainly wish you good luck as I think you're going to need lots of 
it, likely more look than is available. There are several different 
plant species called chokecherry. I believe the nearest relative would 
be black cherry, Prunus Serotina. I had been told more than once that 
there is a compatibility problem between it and both sweet and sour 
cherry but gave it a try anyway. The graft took and survived for maybe 4 
or 5 years. It never really grew like it should, maybe growing 3 feet 
during that period and the graft union never healed over, the union 
developed a large knot. But try it who knows you might find that 1 
variety of black cherry that is compatible. And black cherries have good 
root systems and you may find a rootstock that could be propagated 

On 4/16/2015 7:48 AM, Peter Chrisbacher wrote:
> This spring I acquired a few pie and sweet cherry scions to graft to our
> back yard choke cherry tree, just to see if I could get any takes.
> Reviews of posts around the web make it sound like I shouldn't expect much,
> if anything.  Anyone have a different experience?  Varieties grafted were
> Montmorency, Hartland, and Summit.  I used a bark graft, but withheld one
> scion of each to try cleft grafts this coming weekend just in case graft
> type has an impact on probability of takes.

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