[nafex] Want Pawpaw seeds?

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Thu Apr 9 11:52:31 EDT 2015

It is getting late and I found some North American Pawpaw seeds in my 
refrigerator.  (Also some persimmon seeds, from my Prok tree) . So I am 
bringing these out late for those who are searching for pawpaw seeds:

Spring 2015 - now is the time to get the seeds in or miss the window! I 
have some superior select seeds - no wild trees involved! If you would 
like some, send me an email with your address and tell me how many you 
want. My email address is: rosholdt at erols.com 
<mailto:rosholdt at erols.com>. I will put them in a plastic bag with some 
wet paper towels and take them to the post office in a padded mailer or 
box. I will let you know how much the total is with shipping is and you 
send me a check.

I am shipping only to the USA.  I will ship them regular (3 days or so) 
or faster - your choice (please advise). I do not mark up shipping.

These premium select Asimina triloba seeds cost: $3.00 Ea., 3 for $6.00, 
6 for $9.00, etc. If you want 1/2 # or 1#, let me know and I will price 
them for you.

Open-pollinated pawpaw seeds are from my orchard in Virginia. These 
seeds are from the 2014 crop and were collected from a mix of varieties 
in my orchard. All of these seeds come from improved selections superior 
to wild pawpaws. Parentage includes Neal Peterson's pawpaws, Prolific, 
my A-12, and some seedlings from these and the 1st and 2nd International 
Pawpaw Conference tastings. With proper care, seed grown pawpaw's will 
fruit in 5-8 years.

These seeds have been stratified and will readily sprout this spring 
(note: normally there is a 50% germination rate). Detailed instructions 
for germination and 1st year care are included.

The North American pawpaw (Asimina triloba) relative of the tropical 
Custard Apple, the large, pointed oval foliage of of pawpaws contribute 
to their exotic appearance. Mango shaped greenish-brown fruit weigh 
between 4 oz to 1 lb, making this the largest fruit native to North 
America. Ripe fruit have soft, juicy flesh and taste like banana custard 
with notes of pineapple and mango, or include other flavors. Very good 
for fresh eating or for use in ice cream or baking. Larvae of the zebra 
swallowtail butterfly (Eurytides marcellus), feed exclusively on young 
leaves of pawpaws, but are not usually a significant pest.

Cross pollination from two genetically distinct plants necessary for 
fruit to set. Trees should be planted no more than 20' apart to ensure 
good pollination and can be planted 10' apart, with 20' rows for mowing.

For persimmon seed seekers, I'll share mine cheap:  cost of shipping 
plus $3.00 for 10 seeds.

Barbara Rosholdt

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