[nafex] kiwi grafting

Devin Smith dvidedevo at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 1 23:22:35 EDT 2015

I would like to graft some new arguta varietiesI recently obtained, and was wondering if anyone on the list had pointers. I tried a couple last year and they bled like crazy and failed to take. Is it the case that you want to wait until after the flush of growth is well underway, at which point they bleed much less? I noticed fuzzy kiwi growers discussing making incisions further down the stem to relieve some of the pressure, which makes some sense. I wondered as well about grafting early before the buds have pushed. I don't know what kind of temps it takes to callus argutas, but apparently people are topworking apples in my neck of the woods (I've always waited until around the time the buds are breaking-- usually May 1st or so) Anyone tried this? Another option is some one year old plants grown from cuttings that are down in my basement now. They don't have much of a root system yet and are in small pots, so I thought they might be less apt to bleed. Any thoughts or experiences to share? I drove a long way to get these new varieties (and a lot of other stuff) and would hate to lose them (which are Michigan State and Geneva by the way)

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