[nafex] Hubbardston & Red Apples

david liezen chandos49 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 26 11:59:11 EDT 2014

Murph asked about any red apples. 
I got a first crop of Lord Lambourne this fall and am quite impressed. Large, red, juicy, sweet/tart, some aroma and reports are they keep 6-8 weeks. There aren't have enough to prove that this season. I have it on Bud9 and realized after the fact that was a mistake, for Lord Lambourne seems to grow to modest dimensions. I'll probably dig it up and bury the graft union so it can become a standard -- ten feet? It is a partial tip bearer, so will need light pruning each year to direct growth.
More days above 90F last summer than ever before, with humidity often 12% in Spokane, WA. No problem with this apple. Can't say that about another English apple I'd tried, Queen Cox, which is a bud sport of Cox Orange Pippin. that shrivelled into leafy crisps as soon as the heat came on and the fruit was terrible, year by year.
I've tasted King David: wonderful! It is supposed to be very resistant to disease and vigorous, but I haven't grown it.

Have you looked into Beacon? It is early, hardy (very), deeply red out West, sweet and has a floral aroma I liken to lilac or sweet Alyssum. Got to taste a bagfull last year and am trying to start one for a friend. 

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