[nafex] apples

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Thu Sep 25 10:17:35 EDT 2014


Apples do not get more flavor after they are picked.   They will
lose some of their acidity and thus taste sweeter, but not more

It's not clear if this is your first crop and therefore an unusual
year for you.  Possibly, you let the trees produce too much fruit.
This has the effect of diluting the flavor.  Try more thinning.

                Sherwin Dubren

On 9/25/2014 8:08 AM, Toni Pralle wrote:
> I had planned to can apples this week and in preparation picked one from
> each tree to taste. No. Not good! They are not sweet and don't have much
> flavor at all. If I wait longer will they sweeten up? One is golden
> delicious and the other might be winesap but I really don't know what it
> is. Another tree that produced for the first time this year had wonderful
> huge apples. Unfortunately we had a wind storm and most were blown off the
> tree where my chickens found them before I did.

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