[nafex] Question about crabapple trees top-worked with domestic ap ples.

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Thu Sep 25 08:21:13 EDT 2014

Andre,I second what Jerry says.  Topworking a mature tree can give fantastic growth.  You may even get fruit setting at the second leaf, but it's best to pick it off since there still won't be a lot of wood strengthening the graft at that point and you don't want to break it off.  Go for it!Muffy Barrett

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With any kind of luck you will have fruit on the third leaf. 
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I'm  thinking about top-working a mature crabapple tree in my backyard with 
two or  three domestic apple varieties.

One thing I'd be curious to know is how long its  likely to take until the 
new apple branches bear fruit (assuming the cleft  grafts take, of course)



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