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sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Wed Sep 24 10:18:10 EDT 2014

On 9/24/2014 7:23 AM, mIEKAL aND wrote:
> Sherwin, you crack me up. Describing young folks interested in permaculture, horticulture, botany, fruit exploration, food production, organics, climate change, ecology, community building, plant breeding, networking as Facebookers because they happen to be on a Facebook group is nothing short of phobia.
     Funny, I don't remember mentioning the age of these people.  I 
think it afflicts people of all ages.  Call it phobia, I say many
     people are tied to their computers and cell phones like an 
umbilical cord.  I am not anti-computer, but with some people,
     this need for enormous communications is not normal.  There is some 
interesting content on these facebook sites, but
     it is sometimes disguised among a bunch of chit chat and I 
personally don't want to bother searching for it.
>   As for off topic and digressions, you apparently haven't been on this list all that long because along with all the amazing discussions that have taken place here, those are inevitable byproducts of any forum, chat, group, bulletin board.  People are people.  Let a 1000 flowers bloom.

       Maybe, with a few exceptions, most of the interesting people on 
the Nafex forum are basically gardeners first and
       computer geeks last.  They do not walk around their orchards with 
their cell phones glued to their heads.  Their
       postings are strictly about raising fruit and not about daily 
trivia found on facebook sites.

> On Sep 23, 2014, at 7:32 PM, sherwin wrote:
>> There is a price to pay to take in all these facebooker's.  Some of them have no knowledge of growing fruit and ask a
>>     lot of stupid questions.  I have always admired the level of expertise on the Ibiblio Nafex forum and have tried to
>>     emulate this high standard as administrator of the Midfex Ibiblio forum.  I have noticed that most chat sites like
>>     facebook tend to downgrade the quality of discussion, with people going off on tangents not even related to the
>>     prime identity of the particular forum.
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