[nafex] looking for a hardiness listing of peach rootstock

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Wed Sep 24 09:34:21 EDT 2014

I've grown an apricot on St. Julian A for several years. I'm in zone 6, and have had some harsh-for-zone-6 years in that time. The tree has had no special protection. I've never had anything that looked like winter damage.

Just one data point.
Typed with Swype. Who knows what I meant to say?

On September 24, 2014 8:48:29 AM EDT, dwoodard at becon.org wrote:
> In the Niagara peninsula (I think USDA zone 6), Bailey seedlings are 
> preferred.
>In the Windsor area of Southern Ontario, there was some interest in the
> past in Siberian C.
> Tzim Pee Tao or Chui Lum Tao were I understand eventually preferred 
>there from trial results, but I'm not sure what the growers have
>on. I have the impression that the advantage over Bailey for Sw Ontario
>conditions was not great. In British Columbia (Okanagan valley)
>C seems to be approved, but soil treatment for nematodes is
> An article from 1950 based I think mostly on U. Minnesota work, 
> suggested that St. Julien A was about USDA zone 5 hardiness.
> I have read of prairie-hardy Western sand cherry Prunus besseyi being 
> used as a rootstock for peach on well drained soil for short periods, 
> and sometimes P. tomentosa, but I am not sure about long term 
> compatibility and anchorage.
> Snow cover and root insulation will make a difference.
> Krymsk is just north of the western end of the Caucasus mountains, a 
>little SW of Krasnodar which from its wikipedia article has a record
> of about minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit.
> Krymsk1 is a cross between Prunus tomentosa and P. cerasifera 
> (myrobalan). See
> http://www.janssen-rootstocks.nl
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
>On Tue, 23 Sep 2014 07:57:51 -0500, mIEKAL aND <qazingulaza at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> I'm beginning to think that part of the reason I lost almost 50
>> grafted peach trees last winter has as much to do with rootstock
>> hardiness and the cultivars themselves.  I'm wondering if anyone 
>> knows
>> of a hardiness listing of peach rootstocks?  In particular Nemaguard,
>> Lovell, St Julian A, Krymsk 1, Mariana 2624 and any other so-called
>> hardy peach stocks.
>> Several places are listing Lovell as a zone 7 rootstock, something I
>> did not realize.
>> ~mIEKAL
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