[nafex] NAFEX on Facebook, now value beyond price

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Tue Sep 23 21:24:01 EDT 2014

Re: "Years ago it was amazing with value beyond price, still is of course."

Yes, indeed.  I became a member and started frequenting the list in the 
early 2000s. I was early in the process of establishing my third site of 
fruit plantings. The knowledge and advice that I have obtained from 
participants of the list have allowed me to gain knowledge and skills at 
a much higher rate than just reference material, word of mouth and trial 
and error would have. Having such a productive orchard has given me 
great pleasure and improved my quality of life.

NAFEX is my community, one that I treasure greatly. Long live NAFEX!

Betsy Hilborn

On 9/23/2014 5:18 PM, Lawrence London wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Louis Pittman <lpittman at murraystate.edu>
> wrote:
>> David/Deanie,
>> I've been a member of NAFEX, and a user of the listserve, for nearly 20
>> years.
>> There has been more 'traffic' in years past than in the most recent year or
>> two.
> Many lists have had that happen to them, biodynamics, sanet, my market
> farming, seed keeping and permaculture lists
> and this one. Why: mostly the social media and lax standards on what
> constitutes worthwhile discussion
> It would be nice if we could restore that traffic pattern in this list.
> Years ago it was amazing with value beyond price,
> still is of course.
>> I've come to 'know' a lot of folks across the country - and the world, for
>> that matter - through participation and reading on this listserve.
>> I can probably count on one hand the number of list participants whom I've
>> actually met, face-to-face - but that doesn't preclude me from calling them
>> my friends, and I don't hesitate to ask for or offer to share information,
>> plant materials, etc.   It's been a very gratifying experience over the
>> many years, and I have techniques and plants that would have otherwise been
>> unknown to, or unavailable to me.
>> Yes, I'm on FB, and see some of the FB posts - and have responded to a few;
>> but the NAFEX email discussion list is still my 'go-to'...  Both platforms
>> have their place/use, but for me, the listserve is more effective.
>> Lucky Pittman
>> Hopkinsville, KY

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