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Andre, welcome to the list and interesting perspective.  Hopefully you wrote that on a linux box.

Just so you understand, this list isn't an official function of NAFEX and it's my understanding that the Facebook group is started and adminned by NAFEX members.

And for the record I've been a part of this list since day one and have been a NAFEX member whenever I can afford to pay the dues.  I think I first joined in 91.


On Sep 23, 2014, at 3:50 PM, Andre Pierre wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a very new member of NAFEX (a few months only) and am very happy that this listserv exists together with the web forum and the Pomona PDFs.
> When I'm not growing fruit in my backyard, I work as a Systems Administrator, and as such have to be at least somewhat receptive to new technologies.
> Everywhere I go I see organizations wringing their hands about whether to diversify beyond their existing websites and forums, and embrace social media channels, and in the end they almost always do.
> Usually the main reason for this is the fact that social media sites have huge memberships, and nobody in the organization (leadership) wants to be responsible for "turning their back" on such a large number of potential customers/friends/contributors. Also, the peer-pressure to join is tremendous from every direction, and if you resist you often get branded as being "behind the times", old, or not tech-savvy. Who wants that.
> Finally, the organization may already have a presence on Facebook (or other social media site) thanks to proactive individuals who personally like the social platform in question. 
> So the point of "officially" publishing content via Social Media is often moot, and folks then feel that one might as well go along with it.
> To me such reasons always seem wrong-headed, however..
> Sites like Facebook and Google are not *just* convenient tools. They are big corporations that often (usually?) have questionable patterns of behavior.
> To use them, and to actively encourage others to use them, is to endorse such behaviors, or at best to turn a blind eye to them.
> For Facebook the list is pretty extensive and in my view damning: https://stallman.org/facebook.html.  
> Of course every individual can choose for themselves, but organizations (like NAFEX) which have diverse memberships should in my opinion endorse only those technologies and systems that don't require entanglements with badly behaved third-parties.
> Thus, for the above reasons, if there is NAFEX content on Facebook and Google I for one will be happy to do without it.
> Best regards,
> :-)
> Andre Pierre
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