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Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Tue Sep 23 13:47:08 EDT 2014

To clarify:

I can't speak for the others on here who are not interested in following NAFEX on a social media format; but, for myself at least, I've no objection to NAFEX having a presence there. I think that's very likely a good idea. But I still don't want to deal with a social media site, whether it involves circles or walls. (That google+ explanation sounds massively complicated, both for members and for administrators. I note that even Lawrence says he'd have to do a lot more research to figure out how it would work.)

There are lots more options than there used to be. Nobody's got time to deal with them all. Different people prefer different ones. The increase in options has large advantages. The disadvantage, of course, is that groups tend to fragment. Not only is there more information out there than anyone can keep up with (which has always been true, of course; even before the invention of writing, as there's more information in the universe than anybody can keep up with); but at the moment there are more types of human communication available than anybody can keep up with. 

Complaining because people don't want to use one's favored method is a waste of time. Trying to figure out whether there are enough people who want to keep up with the listserve to keep it going, or how many of us would use which other method, is not a waste of time; but I very much doubt it's going to result in a single clear answer that suits everybody.

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