[nafex] Hubbardston - Ellison's (Richard)

John Henderson jhenderson at ithaca.edu
Tue Sep 23 11:38:22 EDT 2014

We have one Hubbardston tree. The apples have been handsome and relatively large. The flavor is well-balanced, on the milder, sweeter side of sub-acid.  Our tree has been annual, and one of our most reliable croppers. The apples start off nice and shiny, but they do get greasy in storage. 

Our current favorite in the reliable, annual red apple category is King David. It is on the tart side, but is much more, with a rich, spicy flavor. The apples aren't large. I was concerned that they might ripen too late here in the Finger Lakes, but that hasn't been the case.

Decided against Ellison years ago, based in part on the anise flavor reputation.

John Henderson
Sage Hen Farm
Lodi, NY
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Hello Troops:

It's Murph again... I got Zestars like crazy this year. Jeeziz !!

Have any of you grown Hubbardston Nonesuch or Ellison's Orange apples?
I'm going to plant another 30 apple trees this spring, mostly Heirloom and some 'new' varieties.

As you probably know, apple growth habits of a given variety can vary quite a bit with soil, water and climate. Reading catalog / orchard descriptions and opinions is almost a crap shoot. So, I'm interested in these two varieties. Does the Ellison really smell like anise seed? All the Hubbardstons I've seen are large and handsome; are they?
Also, I'm looking for a good reliable annual cropper of red fruit. Any variety come to mind.

I value your opinions more than any text book ever written, or catalog.....

Please illuminate me.


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