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On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Road's End Farm <organic87 at frontiernet.net>

> Not sure I'm following all of this.
> Are you saying the following:
>         -- that in order to be able to post to such a page each poster
> would have to be a manager
>         -- that no more than 50 people therefore could be allowed to post
>         -- that anyone who could post could also edit and/or delete
> everyone else''s posts, not only their own?
> If so, I can see very large disadvantages to that over an email list, or
> for that matter over a decently-run message board (though the email list
> has the advantage over a message board that it's not necessary to sign in,
> nor to deal with ads.)
This is how it works, a surface look at the features, tools and
possibilities, which are many.

NAFEX G+ page

A NAFEX Google+ page would have  a community of owner(s) and manager(s),
each with different levels of access.
They create an array of circles. Circles are forums, analogous to mailing
lists but work as webforums and use email in completely different ways such
as notification of new posts submitted
to circles that have been added to.

The NAFEX managers or owners can then add each and every NAFEX member, with
Gmail and appropriately named and used G+ page, to their NAFEX Members
General Discussion Circle, i.e. populating the Circle with them just as you
would subscribe users to a mailing list. This is accomplished by the NAFEX
manager "Following" the member's G+ NAFEX Member page that he created for
himself. The NAFEX member then can post to his own G+ NAFEX page and it
will automatically become visible in the NAFEX Members General Discussion

Owners and managers can always create new posts to any circle. They can
also create new Circles on various topics.
One of the Circles they can create is, for example, NAFEX Members General
Discussion. NAFEX members interested in using this G+ page and all its
would get a Gmail account, then get a Google+ page named something like
John Plumpit NAFEX member. He would then create Circles on topics for posts
he would want to appear in the
NAFEX G+ page. NAFEX would have one Circle for general discussion,
populated by all the NAFEX members with G+ pages, i.e "following" the G+
posts of those members. Each NAFEX members would have to populate his nafex
general discussion circle and any other appropriate circles he creates with
the NAFEX page, i.e. add Nafex as a member of his circle(s). If he creates
a Grapes circle and adds nafex to it then all the posts he makes there will
appear in the general discussion circle at the NAFEX page. NAFEX can then
create an array of topical Circles and add NAFEX members to it, thus
populating it with readers or "subscribers" who receive new posts in their
feed. I _think_ this can be done one-way, i.e. NAFEX alone can submit posts
to any of their Circles, while members they have added to the page can read
those posts in their feed, or directly in that circle at the NAFEX page,
and comment on them but not create new posts to that  particular circle.
The members can also create topical Circles in their G+ page and make them
read-only, adding NAFEX and other members to their populations. Posts to
those circles will exist in their own G+ page and also appear in the NAFEX
general discussion circle. Needless to say NAFEX should be added only to
circles of interest to Nafex members, reading them in the NAFEX G+ general
discussion page or in their own G+ feed. For example a member could create
a Plum circle and populate it with NAFEX and a dozen other members.

I need to learn a lot more about how this works, especially how to keep
circles on topic, who can post and who can read and receive in their feed
in an organized way, but this is a quick overview.

If you have more questions let me know and I will try to answer them. In
the meantime I will research Circle management and associated permissions.
Hope there are not too many typos in this post.


On Sep 22, 2014, at 9:15 PM, Lawrence London wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Lawrence London <lfljvenaura at gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> >
> > I ran across the most perfect Google resource for an organization, one
> that
> >> NAFEX ought to use. I posted about this to my PC list and will crosspost
> >> that to this thread as soon as I locate it tonight. I put together a
> fair
> >> amount of info and links to documentation about it. It starts at Google+
> >> with a system intended for organizations, non profit or corporate. Its
> easy
> >> to set up and maintain; can submit posts for public or private viewing,
> can
> >> have a management team and original ownership (the person who created
> the
> >> page) of the site can be changed to one or more other people. Setting
> this
> >> up is not time consuming, nor is maintenance so NAFEX ought to take a
> >> serious look at using this free resource. The midfex list community too.
> >> I'll post more into later tonight.
> >>
> > This is it:
> >
> > From my post to the PC list:
> >
> > I found a great page that describes "managing a Google+ page as a team":
> > http://readwrite.com/2011/12/21/how_to_manage_a_google_page_as_a_team.
> > More: "This week, Google+ enabled up to 50 people
> > <
> http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/google_adds_stream_noise_controls_50_admins_per_pa.php
> >
> > at a time to manage Google+ brand pages. Since brand pages are how
> > organizations manage their presence on Google+, many page owners need to
> > give multiple team members the ability to edit and moderate. Yesterday's
> > update
> > <
> http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/google_adds_stream_noise_controls_50_admins_per_pa.php
> >
> > not only allows a large team to control the page, it allows transfer of
> > ownership. So if one person created your page but someone else needs to
> be
> > in charge of it, the creator can transfer that power. The Google+
> interface
> > is a little busy, so here's a step-by-step guide for how to change
> managers
> > of a Google+ page. Managers have all the same powers
> > <
> http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2380625&topic=1710599&ctx=topic
> >
> > as owners except for two key things: they can't delete the page, and they
> > can't transfer ownership. Otherwise, both owners and managers can add and
> > remove new managers, view the roster of managers (including their email
> > addresses), adjust the page's settings (like notifications), and, most
> > importantly, do page actions like post content and edit circles."
> >
> > So, this provides one with the ability to delete or edit pages or content
> > within pages, i.e. posts and comments, as the need arises.
> >
> > Also, in combination with Google Drive (Google Docs) and Google Sites
> > (website) allows us to create archives of discussion threads and
> documents
> > in various formats. Google Drive provides space for spreadsheets and
> > documents created in many other formats. Archives of photos, videos,
> > YouTube video channel, multimedia, sketches, blueprints, audio (stored in
> > Sites or Drive or embedded in a Video with a single static image or
> > slideshow) can be created and stored for free using Google resources.
> > Having a YouTube channel for the list would be an effective to post
> videos
> > for the organization's community. Google+ allows creation of media
> > galleries within each page, easily accessed by the public and easily
> > managed.
> > So as an extension to a mailing list or website one can have the
> following:
> > Google+ page, Google Site, YouTube Channel, Google Drive (Google Docs).
> >
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