[nafex] NAFEX on Facebook

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon Sep 22 22:14:14 EDT 2014

> ...
> I ran across the most perfect Google resource for an organization, one that
> NAFEX ought to use...

While some people distrust Google less than they distrust Facebook, I don't see any advantage to NAFEX moving there. Facebook has a broader user base, and both have similar interfaces and provide similar functionality. Both give you a glop of unorganized posts, roughly chonological, with easy ways to include photos. Neither has the "push" feature of email, nor can either be locally stored on your own computer to review later.  The number of people who would strongly prefer G+ to Facebook is rather small. (It includes some of my friends, so I know it exists, but I don't think it's worth NAFEX pursuing.)


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