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On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Lawrence London <lfljvenaura at gmail.com>

I ran across the most perfect Google resource for an organization, one that
> NAFEX ought to use. I posted about this to my PC list and will crosspost
> that to this thread as soon as I locate it tonight. I put together a fair
> amount of info and links to documentation about it. It starts at Google+
> with a system intended for organizations, non profit or corporate. Its easy
> to set up and maintain; can submit posts for public or private viewing, can
> have a management team and original ownership (the person who created the
> page) of the site can be changed to one or more other people. Setting this
> up is not time consuming, nor is maintenance so NAFEX ought to take a
> serious look at using this free resource. The midfex list community too.
> I'll post more into later tonight.
This is it:

>From my post to the PC list:

I found a great page that describes "managing a Google+ page as a team":
More: "This week, Google+ enabled up to 50 people
at a time to manage Google+ brand pages. Since brand pages are how
organizations manage their presence on Google+, many page owners need to
give multiple team members the ability to edit and moderate. Yesterday's
not only allows a large team to control the page, it allows transfer of
ownership. So if one person created your page but someone else needs to be
in charge of it, the creator can transfer that power. The Google+ interface
is a little busy, so here's a step-by-step guide for how to change managers
of a Google+ page. Managers have all the same powers
as owners except for two key things: they can't delete the page, and they
can't transfer ownership. Otherwise, both owners and managers can add and
remove new managers, view the roster of managers (including their email
addresses), adjust the page's settings (like notifications), and, most
importantly, do page actions like post content and edit circles."

So, this provides one with the ability to delete or edit pages or content
within pages, i.e. posts and comments, as the need arises.

Also, in combination with Google Drive (Google Docs) and Google Sites
(website) allows us to create archives of discussion threads and documents
in various formats. Google Drive provides space for spreadsheets and
documents created in many other formats. Archives of photos, videos,
YouTube video channel, multimedia, sketches, blueprints, audio (stored in
Sites or Drive or embedded in a Video with a single static image or
slideshow) can be created and stored for free using Google resources.
Having a YouTube channel for the list would be an effective to post videos
for the organization's community. Google+ allows creation of media
galleries within each page, easily accessed by the public and easily
So as an extension to a mailing list or website one can have the following:
Google+ page, Google Site, YouTube Channel, Google Drive (Google Docs).

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