[nafex] Apple varieties with the aroma of vanilla

Mark Lee mark.lee.phd at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 20:17:59 EDT 2014

I have been collecting apple varieties for over 20 years, and I don't
recall ever tasting vanilla in an apple. I ran across a couple varieties
this past week noted for vanilla. I did a search today and found some more.
Add to the list if you have experience with others, especially seedlings
that are not well known.

Vanilla Pippin - Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
A local heirloom discovered in an abandoned orchard as a rootstock leafing
out really does have a pronounced vanilla flavor. It's the only one that I
know of so far that has that type of flavor. It's very sweet and incredibly

Yellow Bellflower - Forest City, CA
aka Forest City “Vanilla”. Although this apple is most probably the Yellow
Bellflower, we have kept it’s original study name. It is large, round to
tapered, yellow-green skin with pronounced ribs. The whitish, firm and
moderately sweet flesh has the distinct aroma of vanilla, a unique
characteristic. Great for fresh, sauces and pies, the vanilla aroma is

Weston's Winter Delight - New Berlin, WI
A wild seedling with a yellow skin and strong vanilla flavor.

Williams Early Red
Very crisp, rich, vanilla flavor.
Both of these are from Weston Antique Apples

Hall  - North Carolina
The yellow flesh is tender, juicy, fine-grained, aromatic with a terrific
flavor with hints of vanilla. Ripens late fall and is a good keeper.

Calville Blanc d’Hiver
A 15th century French apple that has a vanilla-like flavor and a wonderful
texture when cooked.

I ran across other suggestions for this list: Mother, Freyburg (Banana-like
with a touch of overripe raspberry), Sweet 16 (expensive bourbon with a
shot of vanilla), and Novaspy (great complexity with slight

I ran across other unique flavors that I will reasearch later.
Clove: Cornish Gilliflower
Lychee:  Viking, a Summer apple from the Purdue University breeding program
has an amazing lychee X rose flavor. On an off year, it will taste more or
less like a William's pride apple, but on a good year, the lychee flavor is
out of this world!
Rose: Carter blue is the one to get for that pronounced rose water.
Banana: My Jewel has a more pronounced banana flavor than Winter Banana,
and is a better keeper.
Fennel: The most well known fennel flavored apple is the Fenouillet gris, a
French apple that is famous for it's pronounced anise flavor.

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