[nafex] Seeking a Resolution on Tree Damage

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Sat Sep 20 01:29:45 EDT 2014

I am still trying to determine what attacked three of my mature apple trees.

People on this forum are reporting that this year was a terrible one for 
Others are reporting losses due to the severe Winter, although these are 
more to blossom loss.

I sent samples of my damaged trees to the U of I Extension Service, and 
they came
back with no obvious indicators.  This could be because the sample were 
later in the Summer when the fireblight is possibly dormant.  I plan to 
send more
samples in the Spring, especially is I see more die back and possible 
spread of any

Strangely, two of these trees have been putting out water spout type 
growth with
healthy looking leaves.  Possibly, I can use them to restart the trees.  
I don't know
if this sheds any more light on what damaged these trees.

I am also seeing some browning of leaf tips on our other trees, but that 
could be
something unrelated like uneven watering.  In any case, I will add 
copper to my
dormant oil spray this Spring to try and inhibit any spread of possible 
It's interesting that I am reading that this is the last season copper 
will be allowed
to be sold as a fungicide in the USA.  There is talk of other 
substitutes.  Some people
are suggesting sulfur, which also has been disallowed for orchard use.  
Makes me
wonder who is pushing the buttons over at the government agencies. They 
Imidan, which I think is the only serious preventative for apple maggot 
and plum

                      Sherwin Dubren
                      Morton Grove, IL

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