[nafex] Honey Locust

Devin Smith dvidedevo at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 06:38:45 EST 2014

I just had my first real taste of honey locust pod goop and am absolutely hooked. I'd never really thought much of the assertion that the pods were "edible", knowing only that it was a lot of work to eat them and that the stuff inside was kind of sweet. No one ever told me it tasted like tropical taffy! I've since tried lots of different ways of getting out the pulp, no of them totally satisfactory. Anyone know the best way to get the goop out? Its hard to believe so little breeding work has been done to improve these. It would be great if there was a seedless pod variety that produced lots of goop. Then it would perhaps be possible to run the pods through a set of rollers to extract the goop and perhaps obtain it in quantity. I understand they are dioecious. Does anyone know if seedless pods with goop are possible from pistillate trees, or would some kind of sterile polyploid perhaps be required? I see there is an interest group for honey locust.
 Consider me interested.

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