[nafex] Spring Damage worse than Winter Damage here

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Fri May 30 14:05:44 EDT 2014

Lee Reich wrote:
"I think it was more the length of cold rather than the depth of cold. In
the past, my pawpaw flower buds have regularly survive to minus 25?F, even
once when the winter low dipped briefly below -30?F."

Here  in SW VA, we had at least 6 nights below zero, the coldest was -14F.
 Multiple records set.  The only trees killed outright were three kaki
persimmons, am waiting to see if anything sprouts above the graft.

But the real killer for fruit this year:
After days in 80s, we had 23F with wind in late April.  This took out all
native locust blooms, set back many other native plants, and killed all our
pear, peach and most apple bloom or young fruit.  Wineberries also had
canes killed back to ground.  Most forages severely damaged in pastures and
hayfield.  Killed outright young beets, radishes, etc.

Richard Moyer
Amelanchier fan; always fruits here.

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