[nafex] Yahoo mail Subject: Re: testing my re-enable

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Fri May 2 09:22:25 EDT 2014

I'm not 100% sure if I understand what you are wanting to do, so forgive 
me if my suggestion isn't helpful.
I agree that web mail is the worst. Going to a web site to read e-mail 
is inconvenient and awkward.
Have you considered using Thunderbird? It's free and easy to download 
and I like the way it works. I have...let me see...six different e-mail 
addresses on there. They are all listed down the left side of the window 
and I just click the mail I want to read. I think you can set up any 
e-mail address you have to appear when you open Thunderbird. I have one 
Gmail, one Roadrunner, and old Adelphia address (even though Adelphia 
went out of business as an internet provider a decade ago), and 3 
different AOL addresses.
The address I am using here is just for the nafex mail list, so when I 
want to read messages about trees and fruit, I click that inbox and here 
we are.

Steve (In the Adirondacks)

On 4/22/2014 2:57 PM, Toni Pralle wrote:
> For now, I have everything at Yahoo forwarding to gmail. It seems to be
> working. I have two issues. I like my old Outlook Express which comes right
> into my computer's mail program. Love it. That's what I use for
> conversations I WANT to have with people I want to have them with. But it's
> only on my computer.  I CAN get this same thing through my provider as web
> mail which I detest. I "had" yahoo and gmail for other purposes. Yahoo just
> made it impossible to use. Why? I tried outlook.com. Don't do that. I'm
> going to delete that one. Not good. I might try this one
> *www.inbox.com/products/
> <http://www.inbox.com/products/>email.aspx*
> Too many other things I want to do instead of technical computer stuff.
> Like getting an internet connection! No matter how often I complain to
> Frontier, I'm still watching the wheel spin most of my computer time.

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