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With the  advent of thousand cankers disease will walnut go the way of 
American chestnut  and ash? It seems most similar to Ash in that an insect is 
involved and an  insecticide can
be injected and might become cost effective for timber but  unlikely for 
nuts, Are the adjoining states doing anything  special.
Hello Keith,
I forwarded your question to Jim McKenna, Operational Tree Breeder, USDA -  
Forest Service, HTIRC - Purdue University. Jim is helping research TCD. He  
is also the Editor for the Indiana Nut & Fruit Growers Assoc. 
Here is his answer:  
"For nut production, you can earn income to cover  spraying each year.  
Timber is not economical to spray. 

Second, the TCD is native to north America, not exotic  like chestnut 
blight and Dutch elm disease. 

Because the disease is native, we have already  determined that black 
walnut varies in reaction. Thus, resistant trees exist and  will be naturally 
selected for. 

Last, this disease is spotty and fluctuates year to  year. It does not look 
like it can actually wipe out whole stands or  regions." 

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