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I am not that ambitious and I do not have that much space.  More like 4 feet
by 50 feet for corn.   I have saved seed from Arugula and some Chinese
greens.  But I do not think that counts for much.

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I attempted to stabilize (make open pollinated) the Silver Queen hybrid.  If
you plant hybrid seed, you get an unnerving result - inbreeding depression.
You have to be patient through several generations of inbreeding depression,
selecting out the ones that are not what you want, and then saving seed each
year, until you get about 5 generations.  Then grow the corn out in a large
area (an acre would be great, a quarter acre would be minimal, and do a
final selection of ears to save.  In my ignorance, I introduced problems.

If you are interested in seed saving, which I HIGHLY recommend, please get
hold of one of Carol Deppe's books on plant breeding or John Navazio's The
Organic Seed Grower.

Open pollinated varieties do not suffer from inbreeding depression. They are
maintained as Lee Reich suggested.
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