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East of MB, I had plenty of snow over during the coldest weather.  Worried a little about some M7 whips in a raised-bed nusery, because some were killed by less cold in another winter with less snow.  Some of these leafed out slowly as if they'd lost some roots.  Occasional dead twigs on a few apple trees, almost no flowers on an old pear which was full last year, nothing much to complain about.  But, I haven't tried much to test cultivar hardiness.

I suspect this sandy soil area lost more to 2 drought summers than to a cold snowy winter.

TC, s.WI, trying to finish my grafting but running way late, will report results.

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>In SW Iowa, we lost our Magnolia tree, our 35 year old grapes, blueberries, lingonberries, black raspberries, and our pawpaw.  I loved the pawpaw but don't know if I am going to plant another.  We had bitter cold with no snow cover.  The frost went deeper than it has in years.  Still curious what was the trigger to kill these varieties.  My apricots did have a light bloom and the apples had a heavy bloom.  Judson L. Frisk zone 5?

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>Not too far east of mIEKAL, the three tiny pawpaws that we planted last spring appear to be dead; we'll keep checking them to see if any sprouts appear.  The Actinidia kolomicta and polygama look unaffected by the winter, most apples look great and are blooming far better than I expected given the heavy crop last year.  Pears appear fine, although few flowers (that may be related to last year's heavy crops).  Some grapes look good, but most have winter damage; some are extremely damaged.  The peaches took a hit.  Reliance is nearly dead, contender lost 50% or more of it's leaf buds, and Madison has just a tiny bit of live wood on it. Seedling peaches that I planted out two and three years ago appear to be completely dead except for the Siberian seedlings which are completely unaffected. The Harogem apricot that I planted two years ago looks GREAT, although if it had flower buds on it they dropped off. The 3 two year old Carmine Jewel cherries don't
 appear to have noticed the cold, but they also didn't bloom much (half dozen flowers, maybe).  Admittedly one of them was severely pruned by the deer.Muffy BarrettSouth-central Wisconsin

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>Lost 100% of pawpaw flowers up here in Wisconsin.  Trees just now leafing out very very slowly.  Apparently pawpaws don't have much tolerance for the -28F we had, or 50 days below 0.  C'est la vie.  Actinidia argutas got hit hard too, but I notice a few flowers forming.  Also every variety of peach I have in the ground here is flowerless, tho apricots planted in the same area are flowering.
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