[nafex] 2014 the year of fireblight

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Wed Jun 4 02:28:10 EDT 2014

On 6/3/2014 9:23 PM, Elizabeth Hilborn wrote:
> Traveling around central NC I am surprised to see so much fireblight 
> damage. I see fireblight on apples in old, established orchards where 
> I have never seen it before. I see it on old Bradford pear trees in 
> people's yards, where I have definitely never seen it before, and I 
> see it (I think), on my Amelanchier...
> Bad year.
> Betsy Hilborn

     What is the root cause of all this increased presence of 
fireblight?  Was it the weather, and if so, did it weaken the trees
     to resistance to the disease.  I would like a biologist or expert 
in this field to explain this.

     Besides cutting out infected wood, what chemicals are most 
effective in combating fireblight and when should they
     be applied?

     Does fireblight always have the classic indicators like hooks on 
the ends of branches?  How can one distinguish between
     fireblight damage and possible cold damage?  If branches show 
withered leaves or none at all, should they be pruned out,
     or might they come back next season?  If a tree produced no 
blossoms, can the disease still be propagated to nearby
     healthy trees?

                       Sherwin Dubren
                       Morton Grove, IL

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