[nafex] Persimmon Pruning

Alexander Brands abb7 at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Jan 31 14:45:12 EST 2014

> From: alexis <alexis at conev.org>
> Subject: [nafex] Persimmon Pruning

> On some of these trees, it seems like I have had to do a lot of  
> cutting to deal with tight forks in the center of the tree. Any  
> opinions welcome.

I've had good luck avoiding tight forks using the clothespin training  
method.   Basically, as the leader sends out branches, you fasten a  
clothespin to the leader right above the new branch, to force it to  
grow out at close to a right angle.  You can see a picture of this  
method applied to an apple tree here.  Of course, this gets harder to  
implement as the tree gets taller.


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