[nafex] Wanted: Apple scion wood in canada

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Thu Jan 30 18:08:18 EST 2014

Not only for M. Prigge, but for the edification of all Canadian growers, note that David 
Maxwell, (david.maxwell at dal.ca), is maintaining a database of holdings by growers across 
Canada willing to trade or share.  He currently has a little over 2000 accessions in the 
database.  Any and all Canadians who either are willing to trade or are looking for specific 
cultivars are encouraged to send their lists of holdings or requests to Dr. Maxwell.  He will 
co-ordinate exchanges.

> Hi, i would like to get some disease resistant apple scion wood to
> graft my trees in Montreal in April... Stupid ornamental trees,
> nothing to eat! Ideally a source in quebec would make things easier!
> I am willing to pay, no problem. Also, apart from the obvious Liberty
> variety suggestions are welcome!
> Could trade, i have a very old but still super productive tree at my
> country house. At least 60 years old, probably more...
> Thanks to all!
> Frederick Prigge
> Montréal, Québec
> --------
> Seems like I posted straight to the Google group archive first...
> sorry, still learning!

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