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I grow 7 of the 9 you list and sell or swap scion wood. I do not have Enigma or Norkent.  

Out of the ones you listed Tompkins and Mother rate highest for me and both are great. 

Spokane is a prolific bearer but nothing special taste wise here. Swaar is good and keeps well. 

Sunrise and Gloria have only had a few fruit so far so hard to judge fairly. 

Eve has not fruited for me yet.  

Derek Mills
Hocking Hills Orchard on the web and Facebook

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Hello All;
It's that time again; time to buy a few more trees. I can't stop. Help me!!!
Here's my wish list. If anyone knows a source for any of these, please post it.
Eve's Delight
Spokane Beauty
Gloria Mundi
King of Tompkins County
Thanks       Murph    z4 Maine
PS  If you have one of the above, how do you like it????
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