[nafex] Record cold

dwoodard at becon.org dwoodard at becon.org
Tue Jan 7 07:26:50 EST 2014

 Amanda, the Vineland research station near me has a historic low 
 temperature since records were kept, going back about a century, of 
 minus 16 degrees F.

 They grow peaches, apricots and sweet cherries and many vinifera 
 We often have "open" winters in this area with little snow.
 Quince A rootstocks are regarded as hardy at the station, though not 
 above the Niagara escarpment where winters are slightly colder.
 So unless you are growing super-tender cultivars of these species, or
 more cold-tender species, I don't think you need to worry much.

 Some sour cherries tend to suffer from drying of the buds in strong 
 cold winds. If you are in suburbia, especially an older section with 
 lots of trees, probably no worries.

 That's assuming that your trees established reasonably good root 
 systems and went into the winter with normal sap solutes and water. If 
 any did not make reasonably good growth this past season, all bets are 

 Doug Woodard
 St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

 On Mon, 6 Jan 2014 13:36:13 -0500, Amanda Courtney 
 <amandaisoutdoors at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I just planted my trees this past spring.   It is supposed to get -11
> tonight and -1 high tomorrow in western PA.  I am worrying about my 
> trees
> not being well established enough to survive.  Should I be trying to 
> pile
> hay around them or something else?
> Thanks, and hope all of your plants do alright!!
> Amanda

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